Cloning humans destroyed our souls (for sale)

Tanken kan virke fristende for såpass lite penger,men jeg ville aldri ha gjort det for det finnes bare en av meg. Dessuten er ikke teknologien i nærheten av å kunne klone noe så avansert som meg.😉 It’s fuckin’ sick how politicians clone themselves just to keep their scary and evil minds alive for future generations to come and the worst part is we don’t fuckin’ care. Be happy, enjoy life die. Bye,bye.

I knew I was cloned all the times I have been declared dead

.. It’s time for you to figure out how long you have been dead for.. A decade ago that one was about the time and they would never have been able enough to get it done.

If you didn’t know what to think of it. I’m still not interested but I’m sure it’s you. This is what I do, I mess with your mind,but all the stuff that I’ve iworked with is the only way that will blow your mind. Seriously though, most of the stuff written in English was a “joke”

Especially the end ‘cause it’s endless and it’s a good way to get your mind to the move and the move to the moment you start feeling like a end to an era.but the Norwegian stuff where not..
I will finish this when I’ve educated myself more on the topic, I just want to let you know that I’m not going to let it happen, so if the blog disappears you know they are real and probably angry with me haha, nah, just came across the topic with a dude I met today.If you have some usable information on this I would love to read it and perhaps put it in the finish of this article or something.

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