Dark Side Of The Truth

Hell is on earth, don’t leave a worse realm
Hell is on earth indeed
Where we all feed off each others needs….
Probably wont, the truth is not liked by this society…
They just want us to stay still, shut the hell up and pay our taxes…
But some of us refuse..
Indeed we do, but hide that from the man or they’ll give you the chill pill thrill…
They don’t like the darker sides of life I guess. Or maybe they pretend to be blind.
They don’t like the freethinking right thinking truths we tell
That’s.. Oh,so true!
Sadly, but someday the likes of us will rule this world and turn it into a less corrupt and less evil capitalistic empire of doom
They can try,but they can’t deny forever…
There are many here amongst us…

A co-operation with Oskar Wild – Mugwump


Purpose In Life

‪I think the most important thing in life is to make it a journey of your own choices and dreams. Make sure you get your own stuff done and help yourself and your beloved ones.

You’ll never be happy pursuing something that is not you or wondering why you are here.‬

These questions will be answered eventually if you live in harmony with yourself. Trying to figure out why you are here and what happens when you die is not really worth wasting your life with unless it’s a interesting thing to yourself.

The day when you know your time is over is the day your mind will start spinning and ask questions. Did I do anything wrong, did I forget about anything, I should have done that.

This is why Pagans have reincarnation rituals which I’ll explain to you later.


Erling Skjalgsson – Rygenes Konge

I’ll start reading a book abkout Erling Skjalgsson – Rygenes Konge who were one of the late kings in Norway before the (Christians) arrived.
He later fought Olav Haraldsson,later known as “Olav The Holy One” in the battle of Soknasundet year 1028.

The picture shows Astrid with Olav Tryggvason on her arm, escaping from the father in fear of being killed by Harald Graafjells men who recently killed her husband Tryggve Olavson.
She gave birth on an islet, later she had to escape from her home and seek shelter at Obrestad.

Orndudir skulu ernir kloask

Let’s Walk Our River!

Ibn-Fadlan on Slavic customs: “Men and women go to the river and bathe together naked… but they do not fornicate and if anyone would be guilty of it, no matter who is he and she… he and she would be pinked by pole-axe… then they hang out each part both of them on a tree.”

Gardizi: “If someone makes fornication, he or she would be killed, without accepting any apologies


Expecting a “problem free” long lasting relationship is like waiting for a utopia with a world full of women & dancing bananas.

If both sides just sit & think that the problems will go over after a while, they are wrong.

It will build up more & more, cut the weed by it’s root’s

same thing if you only sit at home or elsewhere waiting for a partner to show up…

Where will you meet this partner if you never try?

The older you get the more picky you get, so what happens when you’re ready, but everyone is taken?

I’m not saying you should walk around….

getting laid with everyone, but going out once in a while doesen’t hurt!
Let yourself be known but not avaliable to everyone.

I’ve always been somehwhat oldfashioned that way.
A relationship is much more than just sex, there is a balance you find with the one you’ll truly love..

Marie Catchet – Childbirth

Childbirth is a difficult & dangerous step, but each time your daughter asks you about it, you must answer that it will be fine, that we are made for it. The way the mother talks about childbirth is decisive in the vision of childbirth of the daughter, & therefore of its outcome.

About Childbirth, I recommend the books by Michel Odent (many in English), and this film (which is not perfect at all, but interesting):