Good Vibrations

I’ve always felt at peace with the waters.. there is a calm like atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere..

I also love the way you can learn from each time but still find something that most often happens in every 100 years or so..

Some things are just meant to be a nice day to see the world of our ancestors, slowly fading away when the fog climbs down in the water and slowly embrace it like a veil and it uncovered a deeper touch of magic.

I went home but I didn’t think about it.. Where I ended up is hard to get in touch with nowadays and today I’m just filled with positive vibrations from each time I think of you.

It’s not really easy for us, especially me. I’ve walked the lonely road for so long even though I speak to everyone.

There are things I cannot speak about to anyone, I was told as a boy and didn’t really learn anything before I told a grown person, then I knew it was a bad idea.

Luckily I didn’t think I could go to this place, now I know I can.. The roads were bumpy and it was a long journey but it was worth it after all.

I rarely promise myself anything..

I only know that I’ve never felt like this before.. not since I was a young man and I’m certainly not an old snake with thousands of trees around me waiting for sunshine.

I’m literally boiling while I should be sleeping, and I’m still thinking of jumping into the sea and cool down, but I’m still in a really good place and it’s not going to happen again and again..

I don’t know, I just enjoy.. I just enjoy this place..!

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